Partner with Theracare and receive MDS and billing consulting in addition to high quality treatments for residents.  Theracare has access to a wealth of experience in the reimbursement arena.  Whether it’s strengthening the facilities’ Medicaid CMI, advice on a MDS question or submission, or a billing edit, Theracare will have the research and knowledge to advise you properly.  Facilities will receive government updates and trainings as they happen.  Theracare attends National MDS trainings and is a member of AANAC. Regional managers and/or specialists are available by phone and make regular facility visits.  Managers visit facilities at the minimum of weekly.


At Theracare, we never cut corners.  We believe, and consistently demonstrate, that operational and financial success is achievable while following all regulations and rules to the letter.  We take our integrity seriously and both our staff and customer facilities are routinely educated on changes in rules and regulations.  We are consistent in our monitoring of compliance for the best interest of our customers and patients alike.

Theracare provides high quality therapy at the appropriate level based on customer’s need.  It is our policy, that after completing individual care plans, the registered therapists determine the level of therapy needed.  This level is reviewed by the therapy team on a weekly basis.  Our regional managers visit the facilities at a minimum of once a week for oversight of RUG levels and to ensure that skilled documentation is in place to support all levels.  Our RUG levels exceed State and National averages and have the documentation in place to back to verify them.  Regional managers also review clinical compliance, MDS’, ADRs, and denials to protect your financial claims.

To help ensure that the facility is meeting its quality of care compliance our regional managers are educated in the QAPI, the PEPPER and the CASPER report.  We then apply this information for appropriate screening, treatments and documentation for future surveys and a higher quality of life for the resident.

We stay on top of new survey processes and have tools available to assist in Facility Self-Assessments.

Census Development

Theracare has many avenues to assist the facility in census development. The basic marketing plan of designing therapy brochures and having a therapist go with the admissions director to the local hospital to talk to discharge planners is, of course, provided. Theracare goes the next step to ensure your development of a positive relationship with your hospital network.

  • Strategic Consulting –Theracare provides strategic planning and positioning for facility health care continuum alignments including bundled payment diagnoses outcomes and ACO networking.
  • Outcome Driven Measurements- Key benchmark metrics such as LOS, costs, readmission rates, patient satisfaction and outcomes with Care Tool reports.
  • The Tools to Make it Happen-
    • QAPI review
    • Proven Strategies to decrease hospital readmission rates
    • Clinical Pathways and Expertise
    • Education on Day 1 for staff, resident and family
    • Continuity of therapist follow-up in the home
  • High Quality Treatments
    • State of Art equipment
    • Real life functional treatments
    • Education for CNA assistance
    • Weekend and holiday treatments
    • Home assessment