Skilled Rehab Services

Theracare provides contract Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy to senior living communities, including rehab to home, long term care, assisted living and independent living.

At Theracare, we’re dedicated to the needs of our clients above all else and take great pride in our integrity and dedication to our work. What sets us apart from our competitors is our high standard for customer service. Our Regional Manager visits the facility at least once a week to ensure goals are met and any problems are handled in a quick and efficient manner. We employ full time staff that will stay in your building. Our management team has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Every senior manager has a minimum of 20 years’ experience in the rehab and long term care industry. Our facility staff inservices are offered at no additional cost to help with training and compliance. We have been able to assist in improving Quality Indicator scores and state surveys with our individual therapy programs and experience. This in turn has enabled the facilities to receive higher star ratings on

When it comes to your therapy needs, we understand that everyone’s are different. Our priority is ensuring that each client receives the highest quality of care best suited to their individual needs. Through thoughtful evaluation of your facility’s requisites we devise a custom-tailored program to best meet your goals and provide you our full oversight and support to make management as simple as possible.

Some more important services provided to enhance our quality include:

  • Restorative program design
  • Advanced technology and equipment
  • CMI improvement with MDS consulting
  • Wellness screening and programming for ALF
  • Dementia programming by our in-house dementia specialist
  • Individual diagnosis-specific programs for residents with comorbidities
  • Computerized programs for billing exports
  • Consulting to help your facility reach financial and clinical goals
  • Management and oversight of in-house programs
  • Audit and compliance management
  • Employee well programs including biometric screenings of blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol, glucose and flexibility

Whether you’re in the market for a complete procedural overhaul or just have an area or two that need improvement, Theracare has the diversified expertise and proven track record to help reach your unique goals. Through decades of experience, we’ve developed a full-service approach, leaving no detail overlooked, and ensuring an effortless integration of Theracare services into your facility. At Theracare, we’re committed to simplifying the business of caring.