May is Better Hearing and Speech Month – Have You Hugged Your SLP?

The aim of Better Speech and Hearing Month (BHSM-for short) is to raise awareness about hearing and speech problems, encouraging people to analyze their own hearing and speech, and to take action if they think there might be a problem. Treatment can then be given to improve the quality of life in people with communication problems.

We, at Theracare, would like to thank all of our Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) for their dedicated service to improve the quality of life of the individuals they serve.  Speech Therapists diagnosis and treat a variety of communication, cognitive and swallowing disorders to restore as much of the original ability as possible.   Speech therapists focus on specialized articulation and language treatments, adaptive speech and swallowing techniques, diet modifications, special feeding techniques and memory enhancement.

SLPs may work with individuals of all ages.  At Theracare, our SLPs may see children with speech and language delays in our TOTs Clinic.  In both inpatient and outpatient settings, they may see trauma patients with sudden cognitive declines who  have memory, recall or sequencing issues causing problems with everyday tasks such as counting and managing money.   Our older clients in skilled or home settings can develop speech or swallowing difficulties that can be improved by participating in speech therapy.  Our SLPs work with Occupational Therapists to assess clients’ level of dementia and provide training to caregivers on proper strategies for caregiving and appropriate activities to engage clients and keep them safe.  These strategies can help lower behavior problems and prevent falls with the dementia population.  In general, it helps to improve their quality of life.

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The minimum level of education for SLP licensure is a master’s degree, and SLPs complete many hours of continuing education annually to broaden their knowledge and learn the latest intervention strategies for effective treatments.  Thank you to all the SLPs working each day to improve the quality life for so many.  We appreciate all the work you do!