Theracare team members are an integral part of our interdisciplinary care team. From Registered therapists to therapist assistants, this team understands how critical their care and attention is to our resident’s rehabilitation and successful return home. Both the Regional Therapy Director and Facility TherapyCoordinator are focused on resident outcomes. The therapy team is a happy and hard working group that know how to work with a variety resident conditions. Working with Theracare makes my job easier!

Beth M. Ingram
Beth M. IngramExecutive Director

For nearly 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work for Theracare. At the core of Theracare, I have found an organization that provides the highest level of care focused on integrity and commitment to patient centered outcomes. My team members are supportive and provide exceptional functional individualized treatment. Personally, I appreciate the clinical support from my supervisor while still allowing me to grow as a clinician. The endless continuing education opportunities are an asset to assisting with keeping current on my clinical skills and knowledge. My career at Theracare has allowed me the flexibility to be a working mother, grow as a clinician and provide quality therapy.

Wendy Cluck
Wendy CluckCOTA

Working with Theracare offers my facility a piece of mind knowing that I have a therapy team that will always put the best interest of the residents as their highest priority. The therapists work well with my staff as a multidisciplinary team to develop individualized care plans that address the individual needs of each resident. They also look out for functional declines for long term residents to help prevent falls and to encourage the residents to maintain their highest level of functioning. Theracare’s staff have been with the facility for many years, they know our residents and our community and develop long term relationships. These relationships often result in resident’s returning to our facility if medically needed. Having Theracare as part of our team is invaluable to me, my staff, residents and our community.

Debbie Hale
Debbie HaleAdministrator

I have been with Theracare, Inc for 11 years. I am fortunate to work with highly skilled therapists. We strive for a mulit-discipinary team approach at the forfront in order to provide quality patient care.I greatly appreciate and respect my direct Regional Manager. She listens, provides feedback and follows up when necessary. She makes me feel like I am a valuable asset to the company, which is a great feeling especially since we are employee owned. Theracare understands the value of family and provides me with what I feel is the greatest benefit...flexibility. I am able to feel like I can be a great wife and mother as well as a great therapist. I can flex my days and hours around my family needs yet provide quality patient care. The demands of healthcare are ever changing and I feel Theracare is understanding of these changes and it is comforting to know I can have a stable future with Theracare.

Stephanie Lewis
Stephanie LewisMS OTR