Supplemental Staffing Solutions

Theracare’s full service staffing division can assist your facility in covering short or long term staffing needs.  We can determine the most affordable and appropriate option for your facility.  As a full service supplemental staffing company, we offer this wide variety of staffing solutions to our clients:

PRN – PRN is covering those unexpected staffing shortages that come up during the normal course of business.

Contract – This is an excellent option for covering staffing during longer periods of time.  Perfect for planned absences such as maternity leaves or vacations, our contracts are flexible and tailored to meet the particular need of the client.

Temp-To-Hire – This staffing solution allows you to get to know the employee before you hire them.  The temporary employee will work in your facility for a period of time while you assess their performance and make your hiring decision accordingly.

Direct Hire – We may have that perfect employee waiting to work for you.  This solution allows us  to help you recruit for that much needed position.

Regardless of the staffing solution you choose, Theracare endeavors to be the provider of choice by maintaining excellence in these important areas:

  • Timely follow –up to staffing requests
  • Large pool of supplemental staff
  • Accurate and timely billing
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Competitive rates
  • No payroll taxes to match
  • No benefits to pay
  • Assignments tailored to your needs