Theracare has a unique advantage to provide to you as your therapy provider. We understand the unique challenges that many communities face with limited resources for patients going home and truly believe in fulfilling the mission of our company founders to strive to find ways to creatively solve problems and provide needed resources in the communities we service. One way we are doing that in many of our communities is to have the therapists in our facility provide the follow up treatments at the home after discharge. Imagine marketing to residents and to families that the resident will have the same therapist see them at home that they had at the facility. The continuity of care is an enormous benefit for many of our patients. Additional benefits include:

  • Medical baseline is known for quicker readmit to facility if needed. Reduces the risk of return to the hospital and associated penalties.
  • Comfort of the familiar allows for better progress.
  • Being a part of the total community. This helps to keep patients in touch with your facility.
  • Great marketing advantage over competitors.

Theracare is your in-facility and in-home health provider that provides continuity of care.  We would love to set up an appointment with you to discuss further how this works and how it could work for you.