Rehabilitation Services

With Theracare, you can be assured of receiving rehabilitation programs that are custom-designed to meet your particular needs.  Prior to services beginning, a conference will be held to establish your goals and visions for the rehab program.  You will receive analysis of identified areas of your clinical need.  Your program will be the result of partnering our expertise with your vision and the needs of your client.

Contract Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Program

There are many factors that separate a typical contract therapy program from Theracare’s full service approach to contract therapy.

  • Dedicated staff of therapy professionals who are recruited specifically for your building. Theracare recently became an employee owned company.  As a result, our ability to recruit and retain therapists  is enhanced.  Our staff has a personal investment in making each facility we service successful.
  • Our productivity expectations allow for therapists to be active in careplans and have timely documentation to satisfy Medicare and State Board of Health standards.
  • Facilitated communication between nursing and therapy decreases the risk of denials and fosters a collaborative relationship.
  • Regulatory updates provided on a consistent basis keeps you informed of changes on both the national and state levels.  We follow the rules.

We do not stop there but include an extensive list of value-added services to give you a comprehensive and successful rehabilitation program.

As a Theracare customer you will receive:

  • A company whose primary emphasis is on geriatric rehabilitation.  This enables us to develop an expertise in providing skilled nursing care therapy.  You can be assured that we understand your need as long term care providers in the rehabilitation arena.  
  • Weekly manager visits to maximize reimbursement and to assure that your goals are being realized.
  • Consulting that goes beyond the therapy department.  Our managers are educated in the MDS, the CMI, and Part B utilization along with so much more.
  • Marketing assistance.  We will provide you with marketing materials describing your rehab program. Our regional manager may accompany you on hospital visits.  Specialists are available in ACO development and bundled payments.
  • The expertise of a company who is committed to using the most current technological advances available to maximize patient recovery.
  • Computerized documentation and billing exports. You receive on-demand and accurate billing and MDS reports.  These reports can include length of stay, service logs and profitability.
  • Accountability.  Our president is available by phone, email or in person to assure you that we will do the job that you want.