Welcome to Theracare

Theracare, one of Indiana’s largest providers of contract therapy services, provides exceptional physical, occupational and speech therapy programs to long term care facilities and schools. We also have a pediatric outpatient clinic in Fishers, Indiana.

Why become a long term care client?

Our therapy services are the most comprehensive in the marketplace thanks to our extensive list of value-added services including:

  • Maximizing Revenue with Part B Utilization, Increased CMI, and High RUG Utilization
  • Weekly Regional Manager Visits
  • Consulting Beyond the Therapy Department
  • Technological Advancements
  • 7 Day a Week Availability

Why become a school client? 

For over ten years Theracare has been successfully linking school districts and therapists together.   It is our goal to put the therapist in a work environment that is the best fit for them and to provide the school district with the therapist that is an ideal match for their needs. Click here to read more.

Why become an employee?

There are several reasons that I like working for Theracare. The fact that we are now employee owned and have the benefit of a retirement plan, in addition to a 401k is great!!! When looking ahead at "retirement" time, that is a great benefit. I also like the fact that there are many "contracts" in my area. If we need to pick up more hours, or just need a "change" there is ample opportunity for that. I work with a lot of nice people and have regional managers that understand that we also have a family, in addition to a career.

Robin Miers, PTA